Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MaxStar Shoes Review

maxstar sneakers, boy london clothing, tripp nyc plaid pants

boy london x long clothing cross tshirt

I've been searching for customized Converse with platforms and I found Max Star shoes, an online shoe brand located in Seoul, Korea that sells platform sneakers. They also sell customized Converse. There is actually a difference between MaxStar and Converse so make sure to double check if you're going to buy one of these since it took a while for me to realize that MaxStar was not Converse. Anyway, the shoes that Max Star sells comes only as platforms while the Converse shoes that they customize comes in studded, painted or platforms. Just look at the logo.

Here is a link to their website:

Here are some of the customized Converse shoes that they sell. 
While, these ones are the Max Star Platform shoes. 
I had it shipped priority and I actually loved how it arrived exactly 2 days after. That, indeed, is a sign of excellent customer service -- shipping on time as promised. Anyway, I love these shoes. It fits perfectly. It's soft and very comfortable to walk in. The platform was about 2 inches high and I love how it makes me a bit taller.  HAH! Plus, I love how it looks perfectly good with skinny pants and leggings.  (◑‿◐) ლ

Boy London X Long Clothing Cross T-Shirt + 
Tripp NYC Ripped Plaid Skinny Pant in Red Tartan +  
Maxstar C-50 Velcro Bands Platform Sneakers + 
Urban Outfitters Censor- Like Sunnies 'Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Photos by: Patri Ciao 


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    1. Hehe yup!! Took me years to find one! >.<

  2. Wow, this is look similar with the customized converse all-stars. Do they offer customization for that brand?